Using iTunesU for Staff Development iTunesU.png
Douglas B. Dandridge, II – Assistant PrincipalCenterville Middle School and Landisville Middle SchoolHempfield School DistrictLandisville, PA, USA
The purpose of this presentation is to share the development of Hempfield's iTunesU channel. Our current staff development initiatives are focused on UBD, Understanding by Design and DI, Differentiated Instruction. We have developed well-aligned modules in conjunction with professors from the University of Virginia.
iTunesU gives us an additional platform for distributing our content to others. It serves several purposes. First, it documents the staff development initiatives we provide in the district. Second, It provides video evidence which helps bring consistency to the modules as we present them. Third, Instructors teaching a course for the first time can view the archive to gain insight into how it should be taught. Additionally, iTunesU also provides just-in-time learning to our staff who are motivated to view the video archives outside of our traditional In-Service days. Staff can either view the content in advance or in lieu of taking the session or they can go back and refresh their memory on the content they learned if they took the session.
But more importantly than how we will use the video archives with our staff, Hempfield is committed to participating in the open courseware movement. As educators we are commited to exploring every avenue to share experiences, curriculum, and instructional materials that will benefit other educators. iTunesU allows us to distribute our content in an educational setting that is viewable by the entire world. Cataloging and sharing our content through iTunes gives us a format to reach audiences that would not traditionally come to our district's webservers looking for educational content.

Click here to visit Hempfield's iTunesU offerings.